Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an appointment to come tour the property?

Yes.  We are not always on site, but try to be as flexible as possible.  Tours are typically available between 10am and 5 or 6pm (depending on sunset) Monday through Saturday and between 1 and 6pm on Sunday, if no other event is scheduled.  Tours are not done on days we have weddings scheduled.  Please call, text, e-mail, or fill out our contact form to schedule a tour.


What do I need to do to reserve my date?

A deposit of $2,500 or 50%, whichever is less, and a signed copy of our License Agreement are required to hold your date.


What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, personal check, cashier's check, money order, or credit card.  All checks should be made payable to "TownHall Texas".  Payments can be mailed to 12194 Sleepy Hollow Road, Conroe, TX 77385.


What is your cancellation policy?

Once your deposit is paid, $500 is immediately non-refundable.  The rest becomes non-refundable after 30 days.  If your date needs to be changed, it can be done at no additional charge, assuming all of our vendor deposits can be transferred.  All payments become non-refundable 30 days prior to your event date.


What are the payment terms?

Once your deposit is paid, it is up to you how, or if, you make payments, as long as the balance is fully paid 30 days prior to your event.


Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, we do allow alcohol, however, bottled beer is not allowed.  All events serving alcohol must have at least one TABC certified bartender and two security officers.  Bartenders are included with all wedding rentals and can be added to any party rental.  We can also schedule two Montgomery County Sheriffs for your event.  The officers are $160 each and are paid cash directly the day of your event.


My family member/friend wants to make my cake, but he/she is not insured, is that allowed?

Yes, however, we take no responsibility for vendors that we do not hire.


Is a coordinator included with our wedding rental?

A coordinator is included with our All Inclusive Package.  Other rentals can add on a coordinator for $650.


Can we use the property for photos?

Engagement and bridal portraits are included with all of our wedding rentals.

If you are not holding your event at TownHall, you are more than welcome to use the property for photos at a rate of $50 per hour.  This includes access to all of the indoor and outdoor areas as well as our black 1954 Chevy truck.  Please contact us to schedule a time.


Is rehearsal time included in our rental?

Yes.  If nothing is booked the day before your wedding, you have up to 4 hours the day before to do a rehearsal and start decorating.  If something is booked the day before, we will schedule another convenient time for your rehearsal.


Can we add extra time to our party rental?

Absolutely, as long as it still ends no later than midnight.


Are there any restrictions on decorations?

Just a few.  Nothing that is hard to clean up (such as confetti) and no fake flower girl petals.  Other than that, as long as it's not permanent, you're more than welcome to use it!  Real candles are allowed.


What is allowed for sendoff?

Everything except chinese lanterns and non-biodegradable tossables (aka confetti or fake flower petals).  Sparklers may not be allowed if a burn ban is in effect.  Fireworks must be approved prior to your event.


How long do we have access to the property on the day of our event?

For weddings, you can arrive as early as 8am, receptions must end no later than midnight, and you should be done packing up by 1am.

For parties, you can arrive 2 hours prior to your event, you've got 5 hours of party time (which must end no later than midnight), plus an hour to pack up after your event.


Have a question not addressed here?  Please call, text, e-mail, or complete our contact form.

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