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TownHall Texas is owned by Carey and Jana Jordan and managed by Stephanie Jordan, their daughter in law.  As a family business, it is our goal to make you feel like a part of the TownHall family!  We're here to help throughout your planning process and to make your event as amazing as you've dreamed it will be.


Since 2000 when Jana and Carey purchased the 10 acre property on Sleepy Hollow, it has transitioned from possible homestead to man cave to music venue to its current state as a wedding and event venue.  Our white storage barn next to the groom's cabin is the only original building on the property.  Everything else we've added over the years, including digging our 2 acre pond around the island where the palapa sits.

As things got busier for the Jordans, we considered no longer pursuing any events at TownHall, music or otherwise.  It was then that we hired a couple to transition the business to a wedding and event venue.


In February 2014, Stephanie took over managing the business.  Since then, we've started advertising, doing bridal shows, and really trying to get our name out there.  We've also made more updates to the property to make it more functional for all of the weddings and events that we now host.  Some of these changes include our new outdoor bar area, the sidewalk from the barn to the palapa, and the new bridal cabin.

In 2005, when the original 30' x 30' part of the barn was built, a few of Carey's friends decided TownHall would be the perfect place for their new band to practice.  Band practices quickly turned into open mic nights and "Friday Night Jams".  Mix in a few concerts here and there, including a 10 week concert series one summer, and you've covered the first 5 years of TownHall's history.

Jeff & Stephanie's wedding at TownHall in April 2011.


We are growing like crazy and so excited you are here with us!  We are constantly adapting and improving to make your experience at TownHall better.  Have any suggestions for what you'd like to see?  Let us know!

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