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What Do I Do with All These Leftover Flowers??

One of the biggest complaints I hear about using real flowers for wedding centerpieces and bouquets is: "I just hate throwing away all those flowers after only using them for one day!" I totally get it! However, there are some ways that you can reuse, recycle, or repurpose some of your beautiful wedding-day flowers. Here are a few ideas:

1. Dry your bouquet in a shadow box with your garter, invitation, and a few other details from your wedding day. There are plenty of tutorials online about how to do it properly, or ask your florist for some tips.

2. Let your guests take arrangements home with them. Believe me, most people will be more than happy to take home a beautiful centerpiece. Just make sure they aren't taking any rentals you may be responsible for!

3. Take them to a nursing home or hospital. (Check with their rules before you do this, but you're sure to brighten someone's day by bringing them a beautiful arrangement!)

4. Repurpose them into a wreath or wall-hanging. This is a GREAT idea if you have a leftover babies breath since it dries beautifully!

5. Make potpourri. You could even send small bags of it as thank yous to your guests, bridal party, or vendors.

6. Find a bride or other event that is a day or two after yours and see if they want to buy any of your arrangements. Saves them money and helps you recoup some costs!

What other ideas do you have for your leftover flowers?


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